After Prison: A Way to Succeed

Battle Press is proud to announce the publication of “After Prison A Way To Succeed”.

After Prison is a guidebook, a roadmap to negotiate the transition from custody to private citizen. Our booklet provides checklists, resource numbers and websites, templates, formats, advice and instructions for individuals who have “done their time” and want to re-start their lives in a productive, safe manner.

Author John Mandala, a former offender, earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree while incarcerated. He has authored numerous articles on inmate rehabilitation and post custody adjustment. He manages and operates his own non-profit concern Breathing Space Florida and has launched several successful business ventures including Odyssey Oil.

After Prison will help an individual negotiate the bureaucratic minefield that often discourages former inmates from pursuing their legal rights and benefits as well as providing a road map for vocational readjustment. Means of contact with community organizations, federal, state and local service offices are also provided along with the proper and most helpful ways to interact with these organizations.

"Suggestions for being successful on parole and staying out of prison"

Over the next 5 years, more than 600,000 men and women will be released from our prisons and back into society.

Now Available on Amazon in English and Spanish

Of that number, current research suggests that within three years more than 50% will return to prison as a result of a violation of parole, a violation of post-release supervision, and/or because of the commission of a new crime.

It is, therefore, the hope of the author that through the distribution and use of this planner, that men and women will increase their chances  of successful transition back into mainstream society. This guidelet is packed with information you will need to ease your transition back into society. Use it well.

Let’s face it, the prison system is geared to help you return to it. We don’t want to create controversy or be branded as being too opinionated, but it is just a big business like any other, and as long as you contribute to this business it will be waiting for you to return and perpetuate its survival.

Why not try and do something that will help you stay away from this big business? Look at this guidelet/planner, listen to your Parole Office, do as he or she says, and stay free of and out of the system.

There are several “Prison Release Guides” out there, many of which are so overblown and full of information that you will probably never use.  It is enough to make your head spin!  This guidelet, After Prison, A Way To Succeed, is simple to follow, to the point, and won’t overwhelm you with so much information that your attention span will be taxed.

We’re quite sure that if you follow the instructions set forth in this guidelet you’ll be on your way to leading a successful, productive, and free life, without the worry that you’ll be returned to prison.

We are not going to give you hundreds of addresses to look into, we’re not going to preach, and we’re not going to baby you. We are going to point you in the right direction and then the rest is up to you.

Read this book and stay out of the system!