About the Author

John Mandala grew up in New York, graduated from Marist College and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, as well as a master’s degree from New York Theological Seminary.

“After Prison is the story of my own experience both inside and outside. It is my hope that this guidelet will help those who are searching for a more peaceful life be successful. It is the hope of the author that through the use of this guidelet men and women being released from prison will increase their chances of successful re-entry back into mainstream society.”

This guidelet is packed with information such as:
    • Release preparation
    • How to get your needed documents
    • Parole reporting and conditions
    • An Example week by week Release Program
    • Managing your finances and living well
    • Believing in new ventures (Odyssey Oil)
    • Advice for seeking employment including writing a cover letter and resume
    • Holding onto positive energy (HOPE)
    • How to take control of the rest of your life!