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The Importance of Higher Education in Prisons

The Importance of Higher Education in Prisons

Numerous studies in the past suggest that higher education reduces prison violence, lowers recidivism and results in safer communities.

John Mandala took part in a privately funded Master’s Degree Program while at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. A Reverend Dr. Richard Murdoch (RYE church) was quoted addressing this program in his church 1997 bulletin, “Each month when I go to Sing Sing, I am reminded of the great human potential which is buried deep within us. For some, only great trauma will release it. Often, I am overwhelmed by how God’s redemption works among those with whom we work. There are not many second chances given in life, especially in prison; but we are witnesses to it”

Government, community and the private sector are aware of the importance of education and reintegration programs as the stark reality has hit home, that building more prisons is not the answer to safer communities. Education then, not only allows for employability upon release, but offers hope of our communities becoming a safer place.

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